If you haven’t had massage therapy before, you may have some questions about it... and importantly how it benefits you!

What happens in a consultation?

We take a detailed history from you, to determine any specific issues, and the areas you want us to work on. Essentially, you tell us what you need so we can design a personalised massage treatment plan for you – including style of massage and the pressure you prefer.

What is a treatment plan?

It’s a massage plan tailored for your individual needs. This is based on what your goal is - pain management, injury prevention, increased performance and enhanced wellbeing.

Do I have to sign up for a whole program or can I just have one-off treatments?

You can definitely have just one treatment.

Initial consultation is 60 mins.

Follow up consultations are 45 mins.

You can also choose a treatment from our massage packages. However, for best results we recommend following the treatment plan as developed by your Therapist

Do I need a referral?

No, you don’t need a GP’s referral to make an appointment.

What qualifications do your therapists have?

All WeWorx Massage therapists have a minimum Diploma in Remedial Massage, are Industry Accredited and have current insurances. For your added security, they also have current reference checks, Police and Working with Children checks.

What massage oils do you use? 

We use only hypoallergenic water based oils, and other natural products. Please let us know if you have allergies to any specific oils so we can accommodate your needs.

What if I have to cancel an appointment?

We completely understand there may be times you can’t make your massage appointment. However, if you need to cancel or reschedule, we require a minimum of 12 hours notice. Otherwise a full appointment fee will be required.

We appreciate your co-operation.

As a courtesy reminder, at the time of booking, we’ll send you a text message.

Want to know more? Speak to our team about a treatment plan for you, contact WeWorx today.