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Overall Body Strength
Improving Health
Managing Medical Conditions

When l first visited WeWorx my body was a mess. l was trying to exercise and keep active but my body was holding me back and l didn't realize it. After continued treatments and ongoing regular visits my body has become strong again. Without the invaluable education about my body from these visits l wouldn't be able to do 4 to 5 high intensity workouts per week and l am so grateful that l was referred to WeWorx. An active life is a good life.

Fitness Enthusiast

When i first came to WeWorx I was a very overweight old woman who felt about 65 years old. I now am excited about life and am looking forward to many active years to come, feeling younger than i have in a long while. Liz at WeWorx gave me my life back.

Business Owner

About two years ago I had a frozen shoulder. I was given the WeWorx phone number and told Liz was very good at what she does. I have found that not only is she good at what does. She really knows her stuff and is a warm caring person. I have found that I have improved mobility in my shoulder and arm thanks to Liz and the WeWorx team. Not long ago I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and Liz was the first person I turned to for help. I believe that she has helped to turn things around for me. I can’t praise her enough for what she has done for me. I would highly recommend WeWorx and Liz.

Linda Schulz - Writer

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