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Isn’t it true that when a woman is pregnant, she is her most beautiful? Yes. During this time of her life, she fulfills a role not everyone is privileged to have. However, have you noticed how these women suffer and complain how their body aches differently? Why does this happen? And is it safe for her and her baby?

During pregnancy, many changes occur within the body which may include swelling of the lower limbs. This is mainly caused by water retention and of course the change on the circulation of the internal parts of a woman. You may wonder though, is this safe for both mum and the baby? What help is there to ease this challenge?

Our lymphatic and pregnancy specialist Rhiannon explains that during pregnancy, it is normal to have drastic changes in the body due to one’s hormonal changes, just like when one woman is getting her monthly period. Other transformations that may occur due to these hormonal changes are the formation of varicose veins, sensation of heaviness, abnormal skin sensations, and cramp. Natural therapies such as lymph drainage may be used and seem to improve the swelling during pregnancy of which the team at WeWorx can assist you together with our well-trained specialist.

But is lymphatic work safe during pregnancy then? Yes! As long as there are no other complications. A very important note is to let your therapist know that you are pregnant, and how far along you are. Also, lymphatic drainage massages can benefit people with lymphedema, fibromyalgia, and other conditions.

What does lymphatic drainage help with? It gives comfort especially in legs and feet when fluid retention strikes and whenever they get swollen, including the ankles. It also helps with fatigue and tiredness and to reduce the painful period from sluggish lymphatic system. This is particularly helpful in order to ease the discomfort of swelling.

Although many self-help website can teach you how to do it yourself, it is best to speak to a trained professional. So they can teach you basic drainage techniques to use at home.

Here at WeWorx, we want to give you not just a temporary aid to your pain but a solution to your potential bigger problems. Being pregnant is a very important stage of womanhood and so our lymphatic and pregnancy specialist, Rhiannon would like to help and educate you properly. So you will have the smoothest pregnancy possible! Give the Clinic a call today 0491 644 501.

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