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Moving Forward- A Positive Note

One day, a man was planning for his trip to his dream destination. It was his most-awaited vacation and so his joy and excitement were over-flowing. Upon preparation, he kept on filling his luggage with things he thinks he needed. He puts in so many things that when he weighed the luggage, it was over his expected weight. Stopping him in his tracks from getting to where he wanted to be....

Have you ever felt this same way? Things or memories holding you back from getting to where you should be? Here’s something for you…….

We can be like this Man at some point of our lives. We are a figurative journey for life. And like this Man, there can be a lot of things that hold us from moving forward. Most probably you've heard people say 'No, keep it! You might need it later.' And you did but later on you're frustrated because you didn't really have a place for it, or cant find it anyway.

Our physical environment has a direct bearing on our inner self. What we feed ourselves reflects on the way we perceive things. When we keep on holding on to unnecessary things and negative thoughts, we are putting a lump of load on the luggage we carry on the race for life. What we don't let go will never allow us to step onward.

Studies show that whenever we clean up and let go of material things, we make more room for positivity in our life. As when you decide to let go of some of these unnecessary burdens, make sure to also be careful as you move or carry them.

Correct lifting techniques will avoid back aches and joint pains after the clean-up. Please see some examples below or reach out to WeWorx to get guided accordingly:

Psychology also has proven that having a positive outlook in life lightens our load as we head toward our journey. Let go of your past mistakes that make you feel guilty and forgive yourself and those who may have hurt you. This will keep the engine free from rust that can make you stagnant in the race.

Now, why should you let go? Because positivity needs its fixed place in our lives so you have to choose. It all boils down to WHAT you choose. The more things you keep in your luggage, the heavier you’ll carry which will slow you down. Your positive thoughts and joyful outlook will lead not only to a lighter load but to a healthier lifestyle.

The sunshine of your tomorrow depends on how wide you open up your window panes. Don’t be afraid to let go of material or emotional burdens. You’ll always have more when you choose to leave negativity behind!

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