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Easter- Will a little bit of Chocolate hurt?

“Easter- will a little bit of Chocolate hurt?”

As we all know, the World is now in the midst of a battle with an unseen enemy. The year 2019 ended with a very feisty fight with the bush fires while 2020 surprised us with a virus that is putting our lives on hold. But as Easter comes, we do well to remind ourselves of the good things we still experience despite all these difficult situations and challenging circumstances.Every year, Australia joins together to celebrate the beginning of a new season, the hopeful Easter. This is the best time for families and friends to bond together and to enjoy each other's company. What makes it an exciting event are the Easter activities and the delicious food prepared for this season.Families come together to eat hot cross buns that fill in one's appetite with its sweetness and variety of fruitful flavors. Along with these sweet buns are chocolate treats for kids and for kids-at-heart. Although there may be restrictions, chocolates in moderation will always give you more reasons to be joyful during this Easter season. Dark chocolate in particular has great health benefits so it will be free of guilt to have! Dark chocolate comes from cocoa which is a good source of antioxidant. It can also improve your health and lower the risk of heart diseases. The bio-active compounds in dark chocolate may also be great for your skin. So when you get your chocolates for this year's Easter, give them a bite and enjoy!

Easter activities also promote an exciting atmosphere. Activities include Easter egg crafting where kids and adults get to decorate their own eggs. This allows people to express their creativity which is really good for their mental health. And let's not forget the Easter egg hunt. Easter Eggs are carefully hidden with very excited Children doing their best to hunt, collect and eat them. This exciting activity surely radiates positivity especially for kids. And yes, the more eggs, the more surprises!

Easter Bunny visits kids in each household which lights up the mood of everyone. This year, despite the threat of the pandemic, COVID-19, we will still be visited by the Easter Bunny to bring hope and joy to each household.As the Easter season comes, we want to also radiate a positive outlook towards the situation that we are currently locked-in. We may not have the grandest Easter celebration this year due to this global crisis but we will all have each other's back and positively hope for a better tomorrow. As what Easter symbolizes, let us all hope for a new beginning soon. May the sweetness of your hot cross buns and chocolates bring you smiles on your heart!We may have ended 2019 and started 2020 with so much on our plates but let us all together hope and work hand-in-hand to victoriously survive this year! Enjoy your chocolates this year and have a beautiful Easter together with your family!

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